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New Construction Inspection

Phase I:    Pre-Pored Slab Inspection. 
Phase II:   Pre-Sheetrock Inspection
Phase III:  Final Inspection

Phase I - Pre-Pored Slab Inspection.  
This is the initial-phase inspection before slab concrete is poured.  It takes place about one to two days before concrete is poured. Common issues caused by poor workmanship, inexperienced supervision and rush schedule can affect the quality of  foundation. Checklist includes but not limit to items such as plastic chairs to support post-tension cables, missing or broken poly barrier overlapped, missing tie wire on rebars, anchor and pocket form not properly attached, missing sleeve  on PVC pipes, etc...  can  affect the integrity and  strength of foundation.

Phase II - Pre-Sheetrock Inspection

Framing inspection will be conducted before sheetrock and insulation walls have been installed. When electrical system, the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and plumbing have been rough in, roof sheathing and coverings have been installed, exterior and interior walls are completed,  it should be the time for framing inspection.

Phase III - Final Inspection

Final inspection should take place before your final walk through with your builder.  You should ask your builder for exact time for inspector to come in for inspection.  In addition, confirm with your builder for the availability for water, electricity, and gas. 

Following each phase inspection, the inspection report with findings and pictures will be send to you on the same day or within 24 hours.  You should give it to your builder for correction of the defects.

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