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Home Maintenance Tips

You can click the link for home maintenance tips below.

No matter what your house's condition is, as a home owner , sooner or later, you will have headache for the deficiencies of anyone of your structural, mechanical, plumbing, or electrical systems or components.  It may be caused by builder's poor workmanship, faulty installations, end-of-life component or extreme weather conditions.  Therefore, it's the responsibility of homeowner to maintain the house periodically and mitigate the inconvenience, keep your house as a comfortable living place and preserve the value of your home. 

  • A well-maintained house is a safe place to live.

  • A well-maintained house can save you money. 

  • A well-maintained house is the best way to preserve the value
    of the property.

Home Maintenance Tips/Articles:

Checklist for The Seasons   (NACHI)


Texas Foundation Watering and Maintenance Guidelines

Homeowner's Guide: Being Energy Efficient  (NACHI)

Tools That Every Homeowner Should Own    (NACHI)

Protect your Family From Lead in Your Home  (EPA)

Mold Cleanup in your Home  (EPA)

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